Omid Dorostkar

I am a Lecturer & Postdoctoral Researcher splitting my time between University of Oxford and ETH Zürich. I study frictional instabilities in geophysical flows using soft (condensed) matter physics and, in particular, fluid-solid interactions in granular/porous materials. I am also interested in developing predictive models using Artificial Intelligence (Deep/Machine Learning) for understanding the underlying physics of hydro-mechanical instabilities. My background is in civil engineering, with a specialization in geomechanics from the interdisciplinary perspectives of engineering, geophysics and physics. I received my PhD from ETH Zürich in 2018.

For my research, currently I work and collaborate with: 

Prof. Chris MacMinn, University of Oxford, UK

Prof. Jan Carmeliet, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 

Prof. Chris Marone, Penn State University, USA 

Prof. Karen Daniels, NCSU, USA

Dr. Omid Moradian, ETH Zürich, Switzerland 

Prof. Andrea Liu, University of Pennsylvania, USA 

Prof. Pejman Tahmasebi, University of Wyoming, USA

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